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whatever that is in the end...& always

Does forever work for you?

28 May 1987
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who i am
Ria. a fangirl. romantic. passionate. dreamer. writer. stubborn. nice. loyal. observer. reader. creative. hopeful. shipper. obsessive. friendly. organized. indecisive. shy. smart. quirky. collector. ocd. sarcastic. talkative. crazy. traveler. planner. graphics maker.

Traveling. Photoshop. Making Graphics. Europe. All Things Disney. Fantasy. My Laptop. TV Shows on DVD. London. Reading. Bowling. Random Facts. Lists. Stuffed Animals. Living Dead Dolls. My iPod. Nintendo. Quotes. Inside Jokes. Everything related to Harry Potter. Collecting. Build-a-Bear. Couples. Pandas. Cooking. Geography. Maps. Caribou Coffee. Foamy Soap. Daisies. Lifetime. Stickers. Beach. Mythology. Water. Swimming. Dopey. Taking Pictures. Amusement Parks. Disney Parks. Finding New Books to Read & New TV Shows to Watch. Netflix. Pillows. Trivia. History. Games. Puzzles. Jewelry. Baby Animals. Zelda. Castles. Tattoos. Fountains. Fuzzy Slippers. Books.

tv shows: ♥Richard&Kahlan♥ ♥Michael&Maria♥ ♥Spencer&Toby♥ Pacey&Joey. Buffy&Angel. Connor&Abby. Shannon&Sayid. Violet&Tate. Patricia&Eddie. Cleo&Lewis. Buffy&Spike. Luke&Lorelai. Tony&Michelle. Robin&Marian. Seth&Summer. Arthur&Morgana. Brooke&Lucas. Hanna&Caleb. Fabian&Nina. Peter&Olivia. John&Aeryn. Oz&Willow. Fred&Wesley. Ephram&Amy. Tommy&Jenny. Classic!Shawn&Belle. Charlie&Claire. Logan&Veronica. Mick&Beth. Tim&Lyla. Craig&Ashley. Jake&Peyton. Doctor&Rose. Mark&Maddy. Scott&Allison. Zoe&Wade.

books&movies: ♥Ron&Hermione♥ ♥Percy&Annabeth♥ Peeta&Katniss. Alice&Hatter. Zach&Cammie. Lena&Alex. Jace&Clary. Jared&Melanie. Will&Elizabeth. Wes&Macy. Winnie&Jesse. Mac&Jericho. Arwen&Aragorn. Four&Tris. Dexter&Emma. Kat&Hale. Cara&Benjamin. Damon&Bonnie. Sam&Mikaela. Bee&Eric. Annabel&Owen. Macon&Halley. Patrick&Kat. Jack&Rose. Danny&Evelyn. Auden&Eli. Tom&Jane. Melody&Zen. Sadie&Anubis.

characters: Spencer Hastings. Maria Deluca. Pacey Witter. Kahlan Amnell. Hermione Granger. Richard Cypher. Connor Temple. Caleb Rivers. Toby Cavanaugh. Will Turner. Buffy Summers. Lorelai Gilmore. Brooke Davis. Michelle Richardson. Summer Roberts. Aeryn Sun. Fred Burkle. John Crichton. Michael Guerin. Willow Rosenberg. Shannon Rutherford. Tim Riggins. Matt Saracen. Fred&George Weasley. Lady Marian. Ashley Kerwin. Jenny Reilly. Sayid Jarrah. Yoda.

current tv shows: Pretty Little Liars. American Horror Story. Teen Wolf. The Vampire Diaries. Parenthood. Raising Hope. Switched at Birth. Doctor Who. Hart of Dixie. Once Upon a Time. The Fosters. Twisted. Baby Daddy. Supernatural. Blue Bloods. The Walking Dead. Revolution. Dance Academy. Under the Dome. The Following. The Carrie Diaries. Food Network Star.  

old favorites: Legend of the Seeker. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Roswell. LOST. Dawson's Creek. Gilmore Girls. Primeval. House of Anubis. H2O: Just Add Water. The Black Donnellys. Everwood. The O.C. Skins. One Tree Hill. Bunheads. Make it or Break it. Terra Nova. Farscape. 10 Things I Hate About You. Robin Hood. Veronica Mars. Off the Map. Friday Night Lights. Life Unexpected. The Event. SLide. That '70s Show. Moonlight. 90210. The Secret Circle. American Dreams. Fringe. Angel. Full House. Saved By the Bell. Passions. Roseanne. Boy Meets World. 24Seven. Unsolved Mysteries.The Nine Lives of Chloe King. 

books: Harry Potter Series (J.K. Rowling). Percy Jackson & The Olympians & Heroes of Olympus Series (Rick Riordan). The Truth About Forever, Just Listen, Along for the Ride, What Happened to Goodbye? (Sarah Dessen). The Lovely Bones (Alice Sebold). The Sword of Truth Series (Terry Goodkind). The Hunger Games Series (Suzanne Collins). Gallagher Girls Series (Ally Carter). Divergent Series (Veronica Roth). Delirium Series (Lauren Oliver). The Mortal Instruments Series (Cassandra Clare). The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Series (Ann Brashares). The Host (Stephenie Meyer).Jessica Darling Series (Megan McCafferty). Tuck Everlasting (Natalie Babbitt). The Giver (Lois Lowry). Where the Heart Is (Billie Letts). The Fever Series (Karen Marie Moning). Wings Series (Aprilynne Pike). My Name is Memory (Ann Brashares). One Day (David Nicholls). Bumped (Megan McCafferty). The Kane Chronicles (Rick Riordan).

movies: How to Deal. X-Men Trilogy. Harry Potter Series. Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy. Lord of the Rings. Finding Nemo. Alice. The Mummy Returns. Titanic. Ever After. School of Rock. Becoming Jane. Star Wars. A Walk to Remember. Chasing Liberty. The Chronicles of Narnia. Aladdin. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Now & Then. Pearl Harbor. Transformers. Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead. Tuck Everlasting. Hocus Pocus. 10 Things I Hate About You. 15 and Pregnant. Children of the Corn. Swiss Family Robinson. Fine Things. 10th Kingdom.  

music: Quietdrive. Rascal Flatts. Jimmy Eat World. Trading Yesterday. Snow Patrol. Mat Kearney. Yellowcard. Damien Rice. State of Man. Lifehouse. The Fray. Spice Girls. Augustana. Keith Urban. Angels & Airwaves. Kings of Leon. Taylor Swift.  

celebs: Bridget Regan. Orlando Bloom. Sophia Bush. Craig Horner. Andrew Lee Potts. Alexandra Daddario. Emma Watson. Katie McGrath. Mandy Moore. Maggie Grace. Justin&Lindsay Hartley. Kate Winslet. Rachel Bilson. Heath Ledger. Joshua Jackson. Melissa McIntrye. Bryan Greenburg. Taylor Kitsch. Michelle Williams. Majandra Delfino. Olivia Wilde. Hugh Dancy. Taissa Farmiga.  

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10th kingdom, alexandra daddario, alice, aliens, american horror story, andrew lee potts, annabeth chase, arthur/morgana, ashley kerwin, bad horror movies, banners, books, bowling, bridget regan, brooke davis, brooke/haley, brooke/jamie, brooke/lucas, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/angel, buffy/spike, build a bear, caribou coffee, castles, charlie/claire, chocolate, cleo/lewis, computers, couples, craig horner, craig/ashley, craig/bridget, cupcakes, dawson's creek, disney, disney movies, doctor who, doctor/rose, dopey, ephram/amy, eric/donna, europe, everwood, facts, fan art, fanfiction, fantasy, finding nemo, food network, friday night lights, friends, gay for kahlan, geography, gilmore girls, graphics, h2o just add water, h2o: just add water, harry potter, hermione granger, history, house of anubis, icons, inside jokes, internet, ireland, italy, jake/peyton, jimmy eat world, justin hartley, kahlan amnell, killer klowns from outerspace, larry waffles/mrs. mumford, legend of the seeker, lifetime movies, lindsay hartley, lists, living dead dolls, llamas, london, lord of the rings, lost, luke/lorelai, maria deluca, melissa mcintyre, michael potter, michael/maria, movies, nachos, nintendo, one tree hill, orlando bloom, oz/willow, pacey witter, pacey/joey, pandas, percy jackson, percy/annabeth, photography, photoshop, pigeons, pirates of the caribbean, purple, quietdrive, reading, richard/kahlan, ron/hermione, roswell, sayid/shannon, seth/summer, shannon rutherford, shawn/belle, ships, skins, snow patrol, sophia bush, spice girls, star wars, stuffed animals, supermarket sweep, sword of truth, tabasco sauce, taissa farmiga, tate/violet, that '70s show, the black donnellys, the oc, tim riggins, tommy/jenny, tony/michelle, traveling, triva, tv shows, video games, will turner, will/elizabeth, writing, x-men, zelda