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No matter what evidence we may have to the contrary, those two were made for each other. No one else will have them.
- Isabel on Michael&Maria

This journal is Friends Only. Only occasionally will I post something open to the public. I love adding new friends, all I ask is that we have something in common. And I'd also love if you commented once and a while to know that you're actually reading the journal. But I'll add pretty much anyone if you just comment here and ask.

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{Fanmix}: Percy and Annabeth [the good ol' days]

This is a fanmix that I made for the pjo_xchange, and my gift'ee was arysani. She gave me the prompt "You ever think about the good ol' days?"/"Yeah sure, now they seem like the good ol' days, but back then it was hell." And it kind of inspired this fanmix. I focused on using (at least one) song fitting to each book, including a bonus track of their future. Then I made a graphic for each, along with an explanation as to why I choose each song.

Title: The Good Ol' Days
What: Fanmix
Rating: G
Characters/Pairing: Percy/Annabeth
Warnings/Spoilers: All books; up to and including Son of Neptune
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Meta about how Percy/Annabeth are amazing

A challenge on fantasyverse was to create an infographic or write meta on something fantasy related. And since my thoughts are all filled up with Percy/Annabeth, I decided to try to express my feelings for them and write meta on why I ship them (and everyone else should to!) *Major spoiler warnings for all 5 of the PJO books as well as both books in the Heroes of Olympus series

Why Everyone Should Ship Percy/Annabeth
(or at least the reasons why I do)
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[fantasyverse: big bang] - seaweed brain & wisegirl picspam

Part of my entry for the Big Bang over at fantasyverse. I decided to picpsam Percy/Annabeth (and while I do love Alexandra Daddario, whenever I read the books I still picture my dreamcast of AnnaSophia Robb, so that is who I used for this picspam).

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