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Welcome to My Journal!

In here you will find:
[+]Random Ramblings on Life
[+]Rants and Raves of my TV shows
[+]Fangirly Squeeing
[+]Whatever else I feel like

No matter what evidence we may have to the contrary, those two were made for each other. No one else will have them.
- Isabel on Michael&Maria

This journal is Friends Only. Only occasionally will I post something open to the public. I love adding new friends, all I ask is that we have something in common. And I'd also love if you commented once and a while to know that you're actually reading the journal. But I'll add pretty much anyone if you just comment here and ask.

  I always say I have a split personality when it comes to things. My tv shows are (mostly) a mix of sci-fi/fantasy and bad teen dramas. I read mostly YA books, and lots of fantasy. (You'll rarely find me not reading a book, I feel weird if I'm not). I love Disney movies, fantasy/"epic" type movies, cheesy (to some) love stories, and anything that will make me cry. And I prefer dramas over comedies any day.
Sometimes I really like to squee over things. Other days I really just want to complain about (probably) those same things. And I rarely like change, especially if it's unnecessary.

Traveling is my favorite past-time. A part of me would be happy just traveling the world for the rest of my life. I caught traveling fever since I studied abroad in Europe and now I feel my passport burning a hole in my pocket. I don't even care where, I just want to go someplace. But favorite places include UK, mostly London, Ireland,  and Italy. Plus Disney World (or Disneyland Paris), I'm not picky, I could spend my life there.

I am an Anglophile
A self proclaimed Ravenpuff (with more raven than puff). I have a tendency to always want to be right (which stems from that fact that I often times am right). Sometimes I like TV shows and books more than people. I also have a new found love of land communities, just what I needed something else to get me addicted to the internet. Recently acquired Photoshop after years of having only Paint Shop Pro, and have become quite addicted to making graphics (especially ones that I can pretty up my tumblr with. Wohoo! More things to obsess over).

Shipper at heart. If you give me a fandom I like, I'll tell you someone I ship. If I don't have a ship, chances are I'm not interested (unless it's one of my rare loves that come out of the woodwork. ex. I hate (competition) reality with a passion, but Food Network Star is one of my favorite things ever and every summer you'll find me sitting on my couch freaking out over who needs to go home or who will go home and hoping it's not my favorite. And no ships there). I rarely multi-ship and I'm a (pretty solid) canon shipper at heart. And I almost never jump ship. If I love something, I usually love it for life, even if I only love the part where I fell for them and not the part now that I hate (did that even make sense? re: Dan/Serena from Gossip Girl, I don't even watch the show anymore and didn't like what they did to them after half way through S2, but I still love S1 DS. Understand?).

Please comment before you add me. I love making new friends, but I'd like if we had least had something in common (which shouldn't be hard if you look at my list of fandoms/ships and what-not, which is linked to below).

Since my list is huge, I'll make a few top 5 to sort it all out for you
top 5 favorite shows: Legend of the Seeker, Roswell, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Primeval, and Gilmore Girls
top 5 favorite ships: Richard/Kahlan (LotS), Michael/Maria (Roswell), Ron/Hermione (Harry Potter),
Percy/Annabeth (Percy Jackson), and Buffy/Angel (Btvs) or Abby/Connor (Primeval) or Sayid/Shannon (Lost). *last one subject to change dependent on my mood
top 5 favorite books: Harry Potter Series, Percy Jackson Series, The Lovely Bones, Sarah Dessen Books, Sword of Truth Series.
top 5 celebs: Orlando Bloom, Bridget Regan, Craig Horner, Bridget and Craig together, Andrew Lee Potts (and how him and Hannah Spearritt make the most adorable celeb couple in existence), Sophia Bush.

made by: shalia74

{:List of Fandoms&Ships:}

Check out my Scrapbook to find out what I'm currently watching/reading or have recently watched/read.

From now on all my icons/arts will be posted at
I hope to see you there!!
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